There are a lot of humidification solutions on the market out there and sometimes that can be very confusing about which solution to go with.

There are standalone units that can handle single room or a bigger area and ones that can humidify the whole house using current forced air heating and air conditioning equipment. However not all humidifiers are made equal and it can get confusing about which option to chose.

In the colder months during the heating season, the heating equipment and process takes most of the moisture out of the air in the house. That makes the air you breathe incredibly dry, which can be quite uncomfortable. It is irritable for ones with sensitive respiratory systems and can potentially harmful to someone that already has respiratory issues. Whole house humidification is the perfect solution.

Some of the popular ones that are sold in the big chain stores are the water panel type. Its design is to have water trickle down over a “Brillo” looking pad and have air pass through it to absorb moisture. That’s great and all, however the panels must be replaced annually or their antimicrobial coating becomes a bacteria magnet, which in turn gets in the air you breathe. Besides the bacteria the running water is actually not efficient and is outright wasteful.

Below is a picture of the Honeywell TrueSteam humidifier. It uses steam as a source of humidity. It’s principle is very simple, water is heated until it evaporates. That is very efficient and sanitary leaving humid air clean and comfortable. We hope we have shed some light on this subject for you and hope you’ll keep us in mind when you think of humidification of your home.