If you live in Rockland County then you have hard water.

The solution is WaterTech.

logo-watertech-300x187WaterTech Industries offers a complete line of water treatment systems. Most water softeners sold at local home improvement warehouses are only that: water softeners.

WaterTech takes it a step beyond, reducing elements that cause hard water (calcium and magnesium) while also reducing levels of iron, aesthetic chlorine, taste, odor, sulfates, and nitrates. The best way to determine what product is best for you is to have your water tested. We will use the test results, which will show water hardness and the presence of other unnecessary elements, to decide what size or type of equipment is needed to remedy your water problems. We will also consider other factors such as family size.

Bottled water usually tastes good, but it can be expensive and a hassle to purchase and store. It is less expensive to use a home drinking water system, such as WaterTech’s reverse osmosis unit. Drinking water systems are convenient and provide you with high-quality water in your own home when you want it, at prices per gallon that are considerably lower than bottled water.

Ask us about finding a solution for your hard water.