If you currently have oil as a fuel source for your heat and hot water and gas is available in your area we would strongly recommend changing to gas as soon as possible.


  • First of all, gas burns a lot cleaner than oil. Oil requires you to have annual maintenance to clean the oil feed, burner and chimney. Gas needs no such maintenance. Gas does not leave residue and thus needs no maintenance. that’s cheaper on your wallet in one way.
  • You can say goodbye to annual oil tank fill up. With natural gas there are no tanks. It is automatically delivered through the pipeline. So there is no need to pay any one a fee for delivering oil.
  • Although oil burns hotter and gives more heat per BTU than gas, natural gas simply is still cheaper to use per BTU then oil. It is that simple. Your monthly heating bills will be simply lower.
  • New heating equipment using natural gas as fuel are more efficient than their oil counterpart (AFUE).
  • Gas equipment is much, much quieter than oil is. You dont have to hear that explosion every time it fires up.
  • There are a lot more makes and models of natural gas equipment giving you a lot more choices.
  • New natural gas equipment is cheaper than the oil counterpart.


We hope that’s enough reasons for you to consider switching to oil. If you are considering making the switch we hope you will think of us. We have vast experience with helping our customer make the leap and we can help you do the same.