Heating Maintenance Part I, Boilers

In this post Id like to address the importance of heating pre-season maintenance.  More specifically the water heating boilers.  You depend on your heating system all fall, winter, and part of spring to perform without a hitch year in and year out and to do so things must be looked over and serviced if and when necessary.  That’s why a professional checkup is essential to keep things running smoothly for years to come

All boilers use a closed loop system, which means that the water that is used for heating is completely separate from the water you utilize in the rest of your home.  Our local wter is very hard and that water is cooked/heated hundreds if not thousands of times throughout each season so you can imagine what that water may look like.  When this water is heated it goes through a chemical change, where oxidation, miniralization, mud, crud and everything in between happens.  That water should be removed and and whole system should be washed through.  That is especially important when a tankless high efficiency system is installed.  The new high end tankless systems have tiny tanks that have a bunch of sensors that get overminiralised fairly fast and must be chemically washed/purged to avoid serious problems that may result in system failure. This is just one aspect of annual maintenance. We will cover other aspects of maintenance in following posts.  Keep tuned and thanks for reading.

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