Best time to do heating maintenance

The question we get a lot from our customers is, when should we do our heating service?  September is upon us and nights are getting cooler, which is normal this time of year.  Many of you reading will not consider turning on your heat, however some may.  If you are considering turning on your heat then that is the best time to get your heating system maintained.  Chances are you haven’t used your heat in a few months and you want to make sure to ensure your heating system has the right start.  If you have a water heating system, that water should be changed.  It has been cooking and marinating in the boiler for a year.  If you have forced hot air system all censors are to be checked and cleaned.  If you have a tankless heating boiler, it must be chemically flushed to make sure smooth operation.  What you don’t want is waiting too long into season only to find out there are issues.  Some issues are easily preventable and some are irreversible so you want your system checked by a professional on an annual basis.  Any issues should be ironed out before high season.  Should problems arise you don’t want to be stuck waiting for parts.  If you are considering turning on your heat please consider calling us.  That’s what we are here for.

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  • Ashley Turns

    Thanks for mentioning that you should make sure that you have a heating system maintenance company come by once a year before the high season so that you can make sure that everything is checked out without having to wait for any parts or anything like that. My husband and I are planning on getting a new heating system installed soon and we are wondering how often we should have a maintenance service come by. Since we don’t want to worry about not having the unit when it gets cold, we’ll be sure to have it checked out at least once a year way before we actually need it.

    • Dimitri Sandler

      Thank you for the comment. Once a year should be good enough to get everything maintained and checked out. If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate to call.

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