Heating Maintenance Part II, Combustion

In the last post we talked about the importance of changing of water in a hydronic (water) heating system.  This post I’d like to discuss the importance of maintenance of the heating part of the system.  In order for your boiler or furnace to operate for years to come it must operate with clean combustion (low smoke, low carbon monoxide output).   Smoke creates soot, which eventually blocks the heat-exchanger in a boiler.  This results in an unsafe and potentially deadly environment and can lead to the condemnation of the heating system.  Combustion can be regulated and calibrated for optimal output to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Hot air furnaces have heat-exchangers that are long tubes of thin steel.  Combustion that heats your air occurs in that heat-exchanger and must be vented outside.  Sometime a heat exchanger will crack and combustion gasses can be mixed with breathing air and can result in unsafe environment.  That situation may also warrant condemnation of the heating system.

The last thing anyone wants is a mid winter night heating system condemnation with out warning, nor carbon monoxide poisoning.  These things should be inspected annually and corrected before it’s too late.  Other maintenance should include cleaning flame sensors and checking all other sensors for operation as well as running a full system check for starting and ending  system operation.  Dust and lint should be wiped off the system to prevent accidental fire and any parts require special attention should be corrected as required.  Although many of us take heating and comfort of our home for granted, we must be aware that it can fail and sometimes signs are there if you know how to look for them.  Please call to schedule your heating system service soon.

Hot air furnace maintenance

Cracked heat exchanger on a hot air furnace.

Importance of heating system maintenance

Blocked heat-exchanger on a boiler

Heating system maintenance

Clean heat exchanger on a Boiler

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