Replacing Old Water Pipes

If you own a house 60 years plus old, please pay attention to the water pipes.  At certain time period a lot of houses were built with galvanized piping.  60 plus years later those pipes are extremely corroded, and get clogged with rust and debris.  I really suggest to get rid of as much of these as possible.  Pictured below is a small section of this pipe.  You can see how rusty and filthy that pipe is.  Oh did I mention that these pipes are very prone to leaking?  One of the options for potable water piping is polyethylene, also known as PEX.  It has tons of advantages over other piping including copper.  PEX piping is flexible unlike any other piping and since it is non metal it will not corrode.  Due to it’s great flexibility it is more resistant to busted pipes due to freezing.  Also this piping is available in red and blue colors to let you know which pipe is hot and cold.

IMG_163111-1024x764   Color_Coded_Plumbing_Pex_Pipe_Close-Up_5-12-10_043.132200725_large

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