Heat pump installation Rockland NY

What is a heat pump you may ask?  A heat pump is an air conditioning condenser unit (the one outside) that has built to have the ability to work in reverse.  Have you ever come up to the condenser unit in the summer and felt how hot the air coming out of it was?  Well that air can be harnessed for heating your house.  Heat pumps operate quite efficiently in mild temperatures and are more efficient than gas or electric heat.  However when outdoor temperatures approach freezing mark, heat pumps drastically lose their efficiency.  Typically a heat pump is used with secondary heat such as a gas furnace or electric heat to give you all year climate comfort.  If you currently have forced air heating and cooling and considering an upgrade, a heat pump is an excellent choice.  Below are pictures of a heat pump installation we did a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_15791-224x300   IMG_15771-224x300

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