Importance of keeping condenser coils clean

One thing that a lot of folks overlook in basic air conditioning upkeep/maintenance is keeping a condenser coil clean.  The condencer coil’s (outside unit) primary goal is to condense the refrigerant and extract heat from it in order be ale to extract it again inside to make it cool again.  If the condenser coil is dirty/clogged it can not adequately extract heat(cool the hot refrigerant) it puts strain on the compressor, which will eventually burn out.  Easy solution is to periodically wash it.  Some areas require condensers to be washed anually and some can go 5 years between washes.  Some can be easily inspected and some need to be taken appart to be properly washed.  The condenser in the picture below ( Rheem/ Ruud) had to be partially disassembled to gain access to coil.  The best way to keep the condenser coil clean is to keep the lawn away at a distance.  Lawn creeping on the condenser brings the landscaping workers, who seem to love beating on the condensers.  Best thing yo do is put either large gravel or pavers around the condenser (approx 1.5′ on each side).  That will keep the lawn at a distance and will also press down loose dirt and dust.  This will increase the lifespan of a condenser.  Remember we are just a phone call away

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Condenser coil cleaning

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