Flood Alarm

There’s a great gadget that is incredibly simple yet has so many benefits.  It is a flood alarm, also known as water alarm.  It is battery operated and is put in an area which has potential for flooding, such as a basement, hot water heater or boiler area.  If water gets on the floor the alarm senses it and sounds a loud beeping alarm.  This way, what ever the issue is it can be addressed as soon as it occurs and puts the homeowner in control of the situation.  There are plenty of times when we as professionals show up to a house and see that there was a leak, which occurred for quite a prolonged period of time and the homeowner had no idea.  We recommend to put one of those by your hot water heater / boiler area because it is a high risk of flooding.  We keep these stocked with us in our trucks so ask for it next time you see us.

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