Ductless Air Conditioning Rockland NY


Does your home not have air conditioning and/or have an area of the house where ac air does have access to?  You’re considering having ac put in but building ducts creates a project that is too costly and or too messy?  You may want to consider ductless air conditioning.  Ductless ac works the same as regular central air but more localized in a way like baseboards do in heating.  Each area is its own zone with a thermostat that will regulate that area only.  The units are hung on a wall and are super quiet.

For example Mitsubishi, they offer many Energy STAR models with efficiencies going up as high as SEER 26.  Their indoor units have a sleek modern look, are quiet and have multi-allergen filtration that also eliminates or reduces odors.  The outdoor units are able to handle several zones simultaneously and are so quiet you can’t tell if they’re on or not.

These units are eco friendly since they use less energy and use a refrigerant that has a significantly less impact on the environment.

If this is something that you are considering, please give us a call for a no obligation free estimate.

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