Air Conditioning system installation

It’s hard to stop a Trane (Trane’s official slogan).  It’s nearly impossible to stop two Tranes!  We installed two systems in one and half days in one house.  Both systems were replacements.  One was in the attic and cooled the second floor and the other in the basement, which cooled the first floor.  This house will be cool for a very very long time.  If you would like a Trane that doesn’t stop unless you want it to, please give us a call.

IMG_16621-216x300   IMG_16601-216x300


Ductless AC Installation

We have installed this two and half ton unit up at Greenwood Lake, NY for a customers vacation home.  The house had no AC at all and this unit was able to cool the whole house at no time at all.  It is super quiet and has very high efficiency ratings.  Mitsubishi has great sleek design and a great reputation.  Long story short, homeowners were very happy.


High efficiency heating

This is a 95% efficiency Triangle Tube boiler. It’s has all the latest bells and whistles. They are really great and are a great upgrade from your typical 80% setup. This is definitely one of our favorite brands to work with.  If you are considering to go high efficiency, Triangle Tube is a sure way to go. Call us for a free estimate

Triangle Prestige High efficiency boiler

Triangle Tube 95% Afue Boiler

Triangle Tube Tankless Modulating High Efficiency Boiler

Triangle Tube 95% AFUE high efficiency boiler install

High efficiency hot air furnace

We have installed this high efficiency Trane hot air furnace in combination with a Trane air conditioning coil and condenser.  These units are able to further extract the heat from gas combustion than their traditional counterparts, thus lowering monthly heating bills.  In addition customer also received a rebate from O&R for a new high efficiency furnace installation.  This was a winning situation for all parties.  Customer has lower heating bill, and lowered their out of pocket costs and we get to show off our craft and do what we love.  As always, if you have questions about how high efficiency heating can benefit you, please call us.